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Teddy bear museums to visit

Around the country there are many specialist museums worth a visit, to the avowed teddy bear lover.
Starting with Dorchester,
Dorcheter teddy bear museum
There are over 100 years of teddy bear history right here on display.You can see the development changes in stlyes as well as market demand.
As a tourist town, the museum also offers special combined passes to several local attractions.

Dorset teddy bear museum offers an attractive entrance fee of £6 for adults and £4 for children.
They have a display of teddy bears throughout the 1900’s. Also included are today’s TV favourites.
A large human-sized teddy bear always provides a favourite attraction to kids.


If you have a bear you want to trace the ancestry of, or its value, this online site is just the place.
It is most highly informed on Teddies made from 1900 to 1950.
You may have a hidden treasure up in the attic. This is where you can find out.



The Teddy Bear Museum London

Perhaps the best know museum amongst those die hard followers, is the Teddy Bear Museum London. It moved from Stratford and is now in Wimbledon, a 30 minute underground ride from the city centre. The reason for this location is its proximity to other children’s theatre attractions. So it make sense to spend the day down there, if you have kids to entertain. It’s not just the museum that will keep their attention.