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Teddy bear shops and sites
Teddy bears of Witney have been trading since 1985
In the Cotswolds near Oxford. They have 1000 bears in stock.

Build a Bear
Build a bear are established in several shopping centers and are a big attraction to children. You simply pick an outer skin of a teddy you like and the shop fill it on site with stuffing.

Hamleys, London
Hamleys on Regent Street London, offer a department on teddy bears.
They range in price from £16 to £140 and all can be bought on line

Steiff Teddies
Steif, probably the best know brand, are available on line from the copmany website.
They first came to prominence at the start of the 20th century. Prices range from £12 upwards. It is not on the website that you find the extremely expensive buys. These are more often than not, on specialist collector sites.

Stonegate Teddies
Stonegate teddies in York have been established for eons. They seem particularly suited to the these old cobble streets in amongst other speciality shops selling all manner of dated and medieval wares. Recently a Harry Potter shop opened up and is reportedly going down a storm with locals.
Stonegate sell all the latest teddy brands including charlie Bears