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Welcome to our teddy bear museum site

Welcome to our teddy bear site. We would like to show you beautiful teddy bears from the whole world. There are many interesting teddy bears to see here. Teddy bears of the famous manufactures like Steiff, Hermann or Merrythought. And many bear artists are here presented. For example: Marie Robischon with here” Robin the Bear”.

teddy bears areĀ  great focus for many special events including
memorial events here where the focus was on Teddies.

Summertime in the northern hemisphere. Our sailor teddies, ( made by the famous German bear artist Marie Robischon), on the seaside. They like this season very much. More of them on the chapters Robin the Bear and also Sailor-Bears

We are planning for this year some new chapters. The latest is Charlie bears direct from the UK, a really cute hand made teddy.
(You can also find some delightful charlie bears on jigsaw puzzles which are a great way to pass time :
Another example is old Schuco-teddies and teddy bears from the whole world. The Schuco-Bears chapter will be finished soon.
But now we will present the updated chapter from our traveling companion. And also new, teddy bear poems. A chapter made by my visitors.

Here is a marvellous source for whats happening world wide in Teddies right now.

Teddy bears as advertising medium.
For example the snuggle bear from the Lever Bros. Company, (12 different Snuggles are there), or the Coca Cola bear.

The traveling teddy bear is Honk our mascot and traveling companion. He accompanies us always on our journeys. Now, he would like to present his newest photos from Japan
The chapter with the famous teddy bears is always interesting.

If you have “beary questions” write your problem in our contact us page.. We will try to help.Our Postcard service is filled with a lot of wonderful teddy bear pictures.

Please help us. If you find a broken link, please send us one E-mail .
But you can also write, if we can help you by your problem.